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A native of Treviso, Italy, I developed a yearning to create custom design pieces nearly 20 years ago. While working with Permasteelisa, a leading Italian design construction company, I gained expertise in identifying the distinct properties of various materials and in designing upscale products.  Since then, I have created numerous custom pieces in collaboration with designers, celebrities, and renowned architects including Norman Foster, Frank Gehry and Peter Marino.


I am passionate about advocating for children struggling with illness and disease. As a longtime supporter of the Miami Children’s Health Foundation, I donate, organize and participate in year round activities to promote access to quality pediatric healthcare. To learn more about my charitable work on behalf of children, please visit Contact Us.


At Unico Design Lab, I strive to bring the artistic visions of designers and architects to life. My purpose is to transform their inspirations into distinctive masterpieces.


I am committed to extending the boundaries of current technologies to liberate my artistic partners from existing design limitations. By continually exploring new possibilities for natural materials, I infuse innovation into every project. No two pieces are ever alike as each is inspired by a unique artistic perspective.



In pursuit of realizing my design partners’ vision, I travel extensively to find individuals with exceptional craftsmanship and artistry. I collaborate with the world’s finest woodworkers, glass blowers, steel artisans, crystal designers and other natural material specialists for each project.


I have longstanding relationships with material providers, including with select quarry owners in Italy. These connections give me unparalleled access to the world’s finest resources. With nearly 30 years of experience and expertise in identifying the dimensions, properties and performance of various natural products, I am able to select the material most suited for each piece.


I am also the world’s sole distributor of Cristalli Varisco, extraordinary crystal centerpieces created by Italy’s leading glassmaker with meticulous engravings and artistic etchings. Unico clients receive exclusive access to a limited collection of these magnificent crystal productions.

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